3 Days Pack - Gathering Elements

Lagoa de Fogo/ Sete Cidades/ Nordeste  Explore different elements of our Island, as we lead you to the center of different volcanic atmospheres in between self-discovery moments. (...)
Dona Beija at Night - Evening Thermal Bath

This journey will lead the visitor to a therapeutic experiment of body and soul relaxation. The guest will have the opportunity to contact natural hot water pools, surrounded by peaceful garden, which can be diffe (...)
Blue and Green - Sete Cidades Volcano

In this journey the visitor will meet the living legend of eternal love, the story tale of blue and green lagoons. Through natural landscapes you´ll be able to touch the sky and observe the highest points of (...)
Enchanted Valley- Furnas Volcano

Feel welcome to the romantic side of the green island, by visiting the enchanted gardens of Furnas village. In this journey the visitor will hear the sound (...)
Origin - Nordeste

Meeting the origins of the green island, will lead you to the north east coast, where the sun rises everyday. This journey offers the opportunity to contac (...)
5 Days pack - Holistika Pack

This 5 days program includes a diverse visit around our Green island, exploring different kind of wellness activities around nature such as yoga/water&land therapies/swimming with dolphins/boa (...)
Sunset PicNic - Mosteiros

This moment will bring the couple to feel the amazing west coast sunset where the ocean and sky will merge, creating a lightfull atmosphere! While the sun (...)
2 Days Pack - Water Immersion

For two days submerge in water element experiencing its healing power. Hotsprings, water sound massage, waterfalls and sound journey.  Day 1 | Sete Cidades Volcano • Morning: Sound hea (...)

Start your day with a sport massage to enhance your energy and metabolism, getting you ready for a surf class in Atlantic Ocean with Santa Barbara Surf school. Have a nice PicNic lunch, go for a r (...)
2 Days Pack - Winter Insight

2 Fulldays - 8h per day This pack is created for those who visit us in the winter and who seek for wellfare in São Miguel island. For two days our guests are invited to conect with natural surrou (...)