tours 3 Days Pack - Gathering Elements

Lagoa de Fogo/ Sete Cidades/ Nordeste 

Explore different elements of our Island, as we lead you to the center of different volcanic atmospheres in between self-discovery moments.
From Sete Cidades (West) to the origin of the Island Nordeste (East) come into contact with amazing views, stunning waterfalls, fresh air and pure contemplation of nature itself!
Day 1 | Lagoa de Fogo volcano:
  • Morning: Meditative walk, sound travelling and working with the transmutation of Fire element;
  • Outdoor Picnic lunch at Lagoa de Fogo;
  • Afternoon: Deep nature massage and relaxing thermal bath at Caldeira Velha Natural Park;
  • Salto do Cabrito waterfall – contemplation and Mindful moments with volcanic stones;

Day 2 | Sete Cidades:
  • Morning: Sound healing massage (floating body) at Ferraria Hotsprings and dip in Atlantic Ocean;
  • Outdoor Picnic lunch at Sete Cidades ridge;
  • Afternoon: Connecting with Blue&Green lake and exploring verdant atmosphere;
  • Mindfulness – dancing with nature at baía do silêncio;
  • Group Chanting at Canario Lake and short walk to the Grota do Inferno viewpoint.

Day 3 | Nordeste:
  • Morning: Blue Lagoon forest path;
  • Contemplate waterfalls at Ribeira dos Cladeirões with lunch in natural park;
  • Afternoon: Salto da Farinha -  silent walk 
  • Waterfall gathering.
Full days from 9 am to 6 pm (aprox.)
  1. This pack is available for a minimum of 2 PAX
  2. Bookings should be done at least 48h before the event
  3. Holistika ensures free pickups and drop offs from lodge if inside Ponta Delgada
  4. All the activities relayed on the program are included in the final price
  5. The program may undergo changes
  6. Cancelling if for free one week before the event, after that half of the value will be charged

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