Tai Chi Chuan

What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art (nei jia) of Taoist orientation, combining ancient body exercises known as chi kung is so yin, involving breathing, concentration and the precepts of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tai means "the greatest", "the highest", "supreme", "absolute"; Chi literally means the highest part of the roof - "ridge" and Chuan means fist, symbolizing "punch", "Fight to hands free" (unarmed), "boxing".

There are many forms of tai chi, hands-free or with weapons such as sword or saber range. The older style is the Chen Style and among the most popular are the Yang Lin Father and styles.

The Tai Chi Chuan was created under the influence of energy circulation of Taoist practices, aimed at increasing the vitality and improve energy circulation, based on compliance with the natural laws of Yin and Yang.



The movements of Tai Chi Chuan are soft, cyclic, fluids and require full mental alertness and should be controlled by the body's center (the upper thighs to the navel).

The sequences of movements in Tai Chi Chuan are called "forms". In Style Chen, the old ways are composed of 75 or 83 moves, although there are also short forms of 19:38 movements.

In the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, the movements can mostly be slow or fast and explosive, when practiced fajin style.



Origin of Tai Chi Chuan

However, Tai Chi Chuan was born as a refined martial art that would be taught within the family of its founder. In fact, Tai Chi Chuan is the only martial art that was created to preserve the health practitioner.


There are five styles of tai chi chuan recognized as traditional by the international community: each of them received the Chinese family name that created, developed and transmitted. All have the same essence and follow the same basic principles, differing only in form. In chronological order, we have:

Tai chi chuan Chen style (陳氏)

Tai chi chuan style Thssen (陳氏)

Yang style Tai chi chuan (楊氏)

Tai chi chuan style Wu / Hao (武氏)

Tai chi chuan Wu style (吳氏)

Tai chi chuan style Sun (孫氏)


10 principles:

  1. Suspend the head from the top with lightness and sensitivity (xue ling ding jin)
  2. Empty the chest (xiong han) and stretch your back (ba bei)
  3. Relax the waist (yao song)
  4. Distinguish between full and empty (xu shi fen)
  5. Relax the shoulders [Chen Jian] and drop the elbows (zhui zhou)
  6. Use the mind and not muscle strength (yong yi bu yong li)
  7. Connecting the movements of the upper and lower body (Shang Xia Xiang sui)
  8. Joining the inside and the outside (nei wai xiang he)
  9. Move with continuity, seamless (xiang lian bu duan)
  10. Search the stillness within movement (zhong qiu dong jing)



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