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tours Sound Journey with Mariana Root


For the first time in the Azores, singer-songwriter Mariana Root shares her voice, which is the vehicle of the strongest expression she shares with the world. It is a voice that is unique and that has traveled by several countries to infect hearts with its magic. It takes Portuguese roots well represented both to northern countries as Norway, Germany, Austria, as to Middle Eastern countries as it was in Israel and Turkey. It was in South America where he spent more than two years exploring the indigenous culture and knowledge, especially in Peru where he recorded his first album "Solay".

In her second album "Coração em Ráiz", the melodies that are present are born of her deep sense of the Portuguese tradition, and of the experiences she has had with Monsanto's costumes, and with several musicians who, like her, revive the culture of Portugal with new words of conscience and with new influences of the world.
His singing is ancestral and new, and is explored with a great sensitivity for the sound universe and its healing power. Guitarist granddaughter, Mariana is accompanied by the viola and adufe, the charango from Bolivia, the Middle East, and other small instruments that bring more colors to the landscapes that she creates.

September 23th
Soundtrack to Bonfire
Location: Furnas Lake Villas, Furnas Valley.
9:00 p.m.
Admission: € 6