tours Renaissance Dance with Lila Vestury


Renaissance Dance is a deep meditation through a set of therapeutic meditative circular dances, with healing songs, in different languages, supported by a hand-painted oracle, created and painted by Lila Vestury. Inspired by the analogy with the 21 essences of the Sadhana of Tibetan Tara-lineage, with archetypes of universal mythology, and tarot arcans.

The purpose is to learn a meditation-dance-song, specific to each personal case, that activates your attention through a specific feminine essence that is assigned to you, so that you can reflect on your thoughts, words and attitudes, and thus discover a way to understand and lead your life.

A deep transformation therapy dance, circular dancing and singing music medicine, in tune with our soul.

A door to integrity through creativity, observation, corporal expression, vocal, musical; invocation, intuition, inspiration, improvisation, connection and spontaneity that encourages the awakening of the individual consciousness as part of the higher consciousness.

A practice that through dance therapy, and meditative chants, studies the aspects of various archetypes, which tends to guide the characteristics of people. When we can identify them we have the opportunity to feel, perceive, and transmute harmful patterns, habits, thoughts, and emotions. Creating a reorganization and offering a new programming to our bodies.

Through these teachings we can observe new perspectives and choices in our lives. By activating this awakening we allow a fuller way of understanding and leading our lives.

The Renaissance dance allows us to work limitations, blockades, fears, phobias, compulsions, obsessions, sufferings, sadness, conduct disorders, anger, addictions, attachments, aversions, interpersonal relationships and the difficulty to act in the different areas of our life.

Inspired by Tara Mandala Dance and the dances of universal peace, and with songs and dances of her own composition, to experience the multiples face of the feminine / masculine, through tantric practice of Tara / Buddha.

Men are welcome to dance, sing or play musical instruments.



Dance is pure joy. Allow the dance to enter your life and let happiness and celebration fill the essence of your being.


A Renaissance dance in living human Mandala.