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"The theater is not in anything, but it uses all languages: gesture, sounds, shouting, words, lying exactly at the point where the spirit needs a language to produce its manifestations." (Stanislavsky)


It is necessary to know in order to choose, intervene to be able to improve and this is possible if we start from the exercise of expression of the individuality and of the human collectivity, seeking the integral being.

When you look for creative and imaginative solutions, you broaden the perception about yourself. In this sensitive process of "looking inside," you are the true actor who assumes this role in your transformation.

The actor in communication with his inner and creative being, achieving a search for spiritual harmony. In this process, it is where the potential aspects of the participants are brought to their maximum expression, linking to the sacred of each being and transmitting it to the dramatic. It is the search for our origin, enriched and manifested to the creative, perpetuating our interior in something unique.


Dynamics to experience:

»Improvisation for the movement: communication with the body;

»Body language of emotion;

»Observation and recognition:" I am the other ";

»Sacred space of the actor: individual and collective responsibility;

»Physical and emotional posture: conflict management;

»Scenic readiness: availability, the here and now, creativity and imagination;

»Improvisation in cadres: create collectively;

»Introspective visualization;

»Relaxation and meditation;

»Ancestral techniques.


Material needed: sporty and comfortable clothes for movement, sale for eyes (handkerchief), blanket or bath / beach towel and cushion.


Investment: 30 euros (participants in general); 20 euros (students and unemployed).


Registration until January 24th, by bank transfer: 003503600005590350039 (Paula Anjos Dias Rodrigues)

* Send proof to:

* More information: 968225490


Target audience: over 14 years old, with or without experience.

Minimum: 10 people | Maximum: 20

Date: February 3 (Saturday) | 1:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Location: Holistika Azores | Rua João Melo Abreu, 26 |