tours Family and Systemic Constellations Workshop


This workshop is based on the therapeutic work with the family or systemic constellation method, which works the unconscious emotions and energies that influence our decisions. Knowing it or not, whether we like it or not, like it or not, we belong to a group, to a system, to a family, we work like this. Our physical body functions in a system, society, nature, business, the planet, the stars. We are part of a constellation, so the German Bert Hellinger called this way of interpreting these relations of: Constellation. Being free to love is an inner freedom. It is the liberation of one's beliefs and limiting and repetitive patterns. It is to regain the power of making choices It is giving and receiving with balance. According to Hellinger, Love needs conditions to manifest itself in the depth of the Soul.


Therapy happens in a place where there is space for a group of people and their movement. There is one person who facilitates the session, called the Constellation. Who facilitates little speech. And even less the person who will constellate. The session occurs in the form of movements: energy arises from the person's unconscious and a great phenomenon happens. The facilitator asks the person what is taking the person and the facilitator requests that the person choose a person from the group present to represent it. The person then chooses someone and places it in the space that one has for the constellation (usually an empty room, surrounded by people sitting around it). In seconds the person who has been placed in space as a representative begins to move. This person simply feels like acting in a certain way. And let the movement flow. Each gesture has a meaning. And the facilitator can read through these gestures the next steps to be performed. More people are being chosen, one by one, to represent the situation. What happens is that the representatives in the field of the constellation end up acting like magical actors, acting like the personages of the life of the person constellated. You can see people crying, shouting, dancing, talking, as if there had been a script created and studied in that person's life. It is something so real, it even seems magical.


The constellation is a deep and intense therapy. It is astounding, such a truth that is seen and the little that is understood in its manifestation. Not only the constellated person is benefited, but all the representatives who participate in the therapy, because the representatives always end up being chosen energetically by the unconscious of the constellated, so that that person will always have some identification in itself with what will come to represent in the space. Also, the members of the family of the participants take these effects, even though they are absent, manifesting them in a change of behavior towards them, which, once again, is explained by the resonance of the morphic fields, similar to what happens in electromagnetic fields, and which Hellinger calls Knowledge Fields.


We can do constellation to help in family conflicts (parents, children, siblings, uncles, grandparents), conflicts between couples, difficulty in dealing with losses of loved ones, difficulty in relating in a general way, health problems, conflicts in the work , financial problems, among many other situations.


If you feel the appeal of this therapeutic work, register by January 24.

Registration is only accepted upon payment by bank transfer:

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Location: Holistika Azores | Rua João Melo Abreu, 26 | 

Facilitator: Paula Rodrigues

At least 6 people | Maximum: 10

Investment: 40 euros

For more information: | 968225490

Note: The end of this workshop may go beyond 7:00 pm