tours Conscious Fertility with Iris Lican e Lila Nuit


Fertility cycles, the seasonal seasons of the female body profoundly influence all that we experience and are as women. Recognizing its four phases in body and soul is essential to fully live in itself.
Like the Serpent, so the Woman changes her skin every month like the uterine lining, bleeds with sacredness and complains the blood as fertile. Changing the prevailing attitude of uncomfortable, dirty, disposable blood to blessed, purifying, regenerating, and nourishing blood cures the split between the woman's body and soul.
Allowing us to be fully aware of the phases of our creativity, affectivity, sexuality, productivity, spirituality and above all of our individual physiological language in its uninteresting and unique expression.

These encounters are of immersion, of rooting, of deep surrender to the unknown, of not knowing, not controlling. By being here, now.
Grounded in deep inner work, in absolute contact with Mother Earth and with herself in total honesty and in a circle of intimacy and trust.
Cultivating the ability to free ourselves from conditioning images about who we are, and taking from the cycles to re-create in an amplified, healthier and richer version of ourselves at each stage.
Embracing the initiatory value of the experience of silence, observation, humility, connection, clear and true communication.
Integrating the crucial psycho-emotional aspects of the Black Mother, uterine and primordial darkness. This Mother of whom we all come and to whom we all return, which has in it the phenomena of fermentation, decomposition, fertilization, germination, life-death-life. From the Earth to the spirit.
For all Women who feel the call of a life rooted in the absolute work of self in deep respect for all beings, through the inner alchemy. For all those who feel called to delve into the Feminine Sacred Light as mysterious, for all who want to take their power to be and create their reality.

The fertility cycle and its 4 phases
Herbs and Nutrition for Women
The Skin of the Soul
Yoni: portal of life, death, transformation
Menarche: initiation in Female
The Lunar and Solar Calendar
The Blood Offering
Libido and sexuality
The hormonal body
Natural contraception
Energy body: the sacred triangle and the reproductive system in integral health
The opening of the Vision
Interpretation of Dreams
The Way of Conscious Intuition
Red Tantra (Vajra Yogini, Chinamasta, the vision of Yeshe Tsongyal)
Sacred Sexuality
The Sacred Mother of Prostitution
Earth Body Connection as the Root of Conscious Spirituality
The seasonal cycles
The 9 initiatory portals of the Feminine
The Cyclic Crossing: Goddesses of the Underworld and Fecundity
From compost to germination: from Earth to Uterus
Trance and ecstatic dances
Energy practices
Ancestry and presence
The medicine bag