tours Therapeutical Meditation

Meditation is a state of presence that is felt through the experimentation and understanding of the deeper states of consciousness.
To meditate is to experience the silence of Being, beyond what we believe or perceive about ourselves, it is a connection to the mystery that lies at the core of our existence.
Meditation is the natural state of the whole Being and with practice we experience space beyond the mental or psychological “I”, pure space of silence, peace and transparency.

Active meditation is a process of inner observation and witness, while the Self is involved in a particular activity, movement or dance.
Dynamic meditation proves to be very effective these days, taking into account highly absorbing, rhythmic and stressful social of everyday patterns.
Active meditation helps to release physical, psychological, and emotional stress through expressive body movement, free dance, breathing techniques, cathartic movement, and mantras chanting.
Freedom of expression and bodily movement leads us to a state of self-observation which elevates us in experience to freedom of Being.

Meditation sessions take place on Thursdays at 9:00 pm at the Holistika studio and can take place anywhere in nature, provided that previously requested by groups.


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